Thursday, August 03, 2006

Oru Kunju Swapnam - In Vidyu's voice

You have already heard this song, a wonderful poem by Jyothis, in BlogSwara first version with Kiran's voice. As the composer of this song, I was/am very happy with Kiran's rendition and we recorded this song together when Kiran was here in Keralam. Please listen to Kiran's version in the songs page.

And then I thought why not have a female version of this song and I asked Vidyu if she could lend her beautiful voice to this. She was so kind to agree to sing this song and I must say she exceeded all my expectations! I am lucky to have these wonderful talents to sing my composition. Here is "Oru Kunju Swapnathin" in the amazing voice of Vidyu!

And special thanks to Pradipettan for mixing this song so nicely.

Enjoy guys and kindly let us know your thoughts. Thank you!

Song: Oru Kunju Swapnathin
Lyrics: Jyothis
Music: Jo
Sung by: Vidyu

***Download MP3 from here***



ശനിയന്‍ \OvO/ Shaniyan said...

Vidyu, you have done a great job!! It is an honour to hear this in your voice.. Thank you very much!

Jo, Pradipettan and our team, Thanks a lot for everything you all did for me!

I'll be in Kerala between 15th and 25th of this month, and Please let me know if anyone will be around during that time..

Once again, Thanks!

Raghavan P K said...

I have a hearing problem.Still I cud hear the music pther than the vocal.The child started dancing to this song.
My best wishes.

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Fantastic Guys.

This in gone great song.!! Though Id don't understand the lines fully, I can somehow get the feel of the song.

Vidyu is amazing ( Is she a Mallu?).

Pradip Jo - Can't thank you enough for posting this song.


Request - Jo, can you sing this song..and post it as well.!

kaunquest said...

Beautiful! Great job. Why dont we put the MP3 online?

Shekhar Ghosh said...

Wow, ganesh & the Blogswara team. Trust my luck, just when the sax (I presume it was the sax) came in, the streaming got cut! Seriously though, a super duper attempt. Wish I could have it in CD and listen to it on my drive home each day. And whose voice was that in the beginning a la alaap? What a neat baritone, though I dont follow the words! My first visit gentlemen, and I am already a fan...

Best of luck to all of you... Hope I'm able to converse with you talented gents a bit more often.

A close friend of mine has had this amazing concept of promoting new and upcoming talent in
music that does not and WILL NOT depend upon T&A video shots... But will talk about it later.

Right now, I must salute you gents for this great experience I just had. How can I listen to that sax wail that just got robbed off me?

Anonymous said...

This is so great! Great Effort! I already listened to it couple of times.

Jo said...

>> Shaniyan: Thank you for this wonderful song. :-)

>> Raghavan: Thank you sir.

>> NV: Thank you bro. Yes, Vidyu is a mallu. :-) And I will try singing this song sometimes later. :-)

>> Kaunquest: Thanks for the suggestion man. I have added a download link.

>> Shekhar Ghosh: Please download the song from the link given above. And thanks a lot for your kind words pf appreciation.

>> Inji pennu: Thank you So much.

Murali said...


nice singing. I have one question though - are you restraining yourself from singing freely open throated ? It seems like so in the pallavi. Accentuation ( lafzon ko phEnkna) could be more relaxed in "jaalaka vaathilil padivaathil nee melle". Other than that, your singing spirit is really free. Keep it up.

ann said...

wow!! that was very very good to hear Vidyu .. Really liked it a lott .. Your voice n the way you sang it was very impressive.. sorry for a latEEEE response . :0)..