Thursday, December 04, 2008

BlogSwara Version 5 - Song teasers posted!

Hola everyone!

It is time for another version of Blogswara! Yes, it is Blogswara's version 5!! We have posted the song teasers in our website, so hop over to there to listen to the 20 seconds long song previews.

We have 14 songs this year and in four languages - Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada (the first Kannada song of Blogswara) - and also instrumental music. All by some of the people who have participated in Blogswara's previous versions and many new faces.

So watch out for 12th December 2008, which is only one week away from now, for the grand release of Blogswara Version 5. And do spread the word around!


Anonymous said...

Great work done guys.i like the lyrics and also music.i like the really made me feel better