Monday, December 22, 2008

Silent Mind

By Shivkumar Krishnan

The origins of 'Silent Mind' were in mid 2006, when i was experimenting with the Korg Triton and Karma range of synthesizers... I had conceived a soft instrumental piece that lasted for about a minute, to be used for montage scenes (showing transitions of time) in movies. Then when Blogswara V5 came along, I decided to amp this to a complete instrumental track. I played around with Virtual Instruments (from EastWest corporation, for instance) to simulate the orchestral sounds. Then I met Bill Williams, a sound engineer near San Francisco, who helped me mix the piece...

He was amused to hear the Mirudangam sounds! We had a fun time at the mix sessions, with Bill coming up with different Western drum sounds and trying to get it to gel with the whole piece...
I'm going to add vocals and continue with this piece in the coming months. Hope you like the piece and it gives you a peaceful state of mind!

Tools used to compose: Pro Tools LE7.4, Korg Karma synthesizer, Godin Freeway Classic electric guitar, EastWest Orchestra platinum edition, SwarShala (from swarsystems, to simulate Eastern Instruments).