Thursday, May 25, 2006

Nice Gestures and Footfalls...

Hi Folks, this is Murali, aka DontheCat, sitemaster of Connexions and with ears as big as an African elephant's for the right kinda music. This is a great initiative and May the Tribe Increase :-)

Sometime around 7pm (Chennai time) as I get into the coding mood, Naani Venkittu pops up in my Yahoo, mumbles "Good Morning" (he's brushing his teeth, its 7 am in Fairfield) says "brb" and suddenly "Hey, why is Blogswara down ?"... (now you know what's Naani's home page set to in his IE).

I type a "Surprised" icon, head over to Blogswara and Connexions sites and they are down with a 509 warning - BandWidth Exceeded. So I navigate to the Control Panel and find that Blogswara had a whopping 5 GB bandwidth transfers in 24 hours. 600+ unique visits. Wow ! That's serious traffic folks

Here's a quick view of the last few days. Jo would be posting mote stats over the next few days.
Read this as Date - Unique Visits - Total Visits - Hits - Bandwidth

May 25th shows zeros cos the server updates at midnight ET, but I presume another 5 GB again. Our permitted BW is 12 GB, we had crossed 13.7 and the server automatically denied access to the sites.

Blogswara is hosted on, one of the best I've found on the web. I opened an Emergency Support Ticket explaining that the site must've had a tremendous amount of visitors b'cos of the Album launch and the media exposure it received over the past few days. On behalf of Connexions, I asked them to invoice for the extra BW and reopen the sites.

This is the message I recd from David of


I've increased bandwidth limit to 30 GB on this account. This will be a free upgrade for this month only. Please monitor your usage using Cpanel and let us know should you need more bandwidth.

Zippo, the sites were up again instantly. Now, that's what I call Service with Quality. Kudos The Blogswara circuit salutes your gesture. Folks who wish to thank personally can send a mail to "support at".

Swamenath of Connexions is another cool guy. When I told him that the Connexions webspace was down entirely and explained the reason for it, he just said "Please get it going if we have to pay extra". While another client could have been a bit upset, he just asked me to Congratulate the Blogswaras (Blogswarites ??) on the tremendous response and extends all possible support where possible. Hats off Swame..
Btw, Swame's blog is Memoirs from the Cauvery Banks. He's yet to get into blogging on a regular basis ("hey, I'm gonna start today").

And you folks who created the Music, you came shining through... That's whopper traffic for a start, I say again. Hey, lets beat the 100 GB barrier :-)

Cheers and Keep The Party Alive....


Narayanan Venkitu said...

Thanks Don! Quick Turnaround!
Amazing response from MODHOST and our thanks to Swamenath!

He..He..Homepage/brushing ( TMI )

Way to go Blogswara.!!

Thanks to all our visitors!

Jo said...

Thanks to David and Swame!!!

And thanks a lot for your immediate care on the issue. :-)

IBH said...

Congratulations you guys! Wonderful job!

it is a great honor to know some of you guys already through blogs...
keep it coming!

Kaunquest said...

its fun to just go and refresh the page to see how far the counter has got to.. Great work Don! thanks to the connexions team for keeping this site live and kicking :) when we need it the most

Prem Abraham said...

Just got to hear all the songs. Excellent work by all the artists.

bharat said...

Way to go peepal!!!!

Anonymous said...

Any Plans to include Carnatic Songs?

ശനിയന്‍ \OvO/ Shaniyan said...

That was Indeed a terrific traffic jam, folks!!

Thanks to those who were there to help us out when we had trouble!!

Thanks to all those visitors too for testing out our limts!!