Saturday, June 03, 2006

Unai Paarthadhaal - The Origin

DSC_0031 As I listen to this song today in Blogswara, I am simply astonished. From the original version that I sent to JO last year to what it is today, It's an awesome journey indeed. Never in my dreams did I think that it would finally end up the way it is today.

I don't distinctly remember how this song really came up. All I wanted to do, was to write / sing something that everyone experiences in life ie. LOVE.

As usual, I wrote/sang it and sent my composition to JO and asked his opinon. He said he liked it and sang it a few weeks later. You'll notice as you listen, he gave a lot of life to that song.
Very typical of JO.

Then came another wonderful musician AJIT GOPALAKRISHNAN. I had asked him if he could do the orchestration ( He was on his Summer vacation). Within a few weeks he came up with the orchestration and I loved it. As you listen to Ajit's version, you'll notice IR's impact on his music.

Finally for BLS-1, BARANI, ENCORE AND NANDU gave a new dimension to this song. As a composer and a writer I feel very honored by the final outcome.

So, here are the first 3 versions of this song. Pardon my voice as usual.

My Original Version

JO sings it and gives Life

Ajith adds IR's touches


gumbals said...

Unaiparthathai is my fav. song from BLS-1 closely followed by Vazhu..

Nicely written, composed, orchestrated and sung. What I like about it is that the song stays in the sweet spot through-out with no sour-spots or dramatic cresendos!..

Good job all - and as far as the mixing Encore did a nice professional job with the music tracks.. I just did the final blend with the vocals which was easy.

NV - based on the original you've posted, was interesting to see how the song/music came to life - I'm sure it exceeded your expectations.

Congratulations on the #1 song of BLS-1 (in my opinion).


Narayanan Venkitu said...

Hi Nandu,

Thanks for your thoughts.

Like I said..I never imagined the final outcome. As you can see, JO first moulded it so nicely to give it life.

Jo said...

It is really nice to see how a song is formed up. I am fortunate to be a part of this.

And Barani made this a super cool song with his wonderful rendition.

Murali Venkatraman said...

It is indeed nice to se the evolution of the song. Very nice guys ~!

ruby said...

More than any of the songs...I have always wondered about vazhvu selikka song,- why for a layman like me...who doesn't know anything about music[but loves music] likes to its depth...

After reading your previous post...Now i recognise that it is from your heart and not from your pen...and the music acts as a life line for it...

Very impressive work...Hope this innovation continues...
And i really under stand the contribution of every the grand success of these yummy yummy songs...

Hats off to united ARR's...

S said...

i listened all three podcasts and i must say - i was completely bowled over!!!!!!! :)

kudos to you all!!!!! and jo is simply a delighful singer!!! :)

Anonymous said...

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