Saturday, March 24, 2007

BlogSwara Version 3 - Your comments please


Please add your comments & suggestions on BlogSwara (Version 3) songs in the comments section of this post. Thank you!


gumbals said...

BLOGSWARA 3 LAUNCHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pradip Somasundaran said...

Let me be the first to comment here! Wow! Wonderful. This time the big leap has been in orchestration.Kudos to all the contributors. Wish BLS continues it's journey for many many years to come

Anonymous said...

Good Work Again, Congrats !
All the songs are really good. The following are noticeable and of professional standard.
1.Live drums of Ben Smith in Lal Subah.
2. Jo's Vocals in Kulirolum – Malayalam.
3. Anusha's Vocals, Venket's Mixing. Praveen's Flute in Azhage.

Narayan Venkitu’s melody is missing.

Anonymous said...

All the songs are excellent. Keep up the good work. Mixing is nice in Azhage song. Vocals, Flute, Live Drums & Bass guitar are of pro standards in some of the songs.


Murali Venkatraman said...

Kudos for BLS 3 - all talewnts and organizers ! I will be writing a detailed review soon in my blog.

In one word - awesome !

jayswami said...

cool set of varied songs, with very different approaches of composing and arranging.

Yaaradhu is a such a beautiful and complex composition, good job Mux.

kishmu's arrangement on Romeo is a gem. when the smooth strings kick in around 2:05 mins into the song, thats the coolest part of romeo!I also like Ranjini's rendition.. very chic, and current.

Jo's vocals on kulirolum.. Jo's voice is so cool, it dont matter what he records with, (laptop mics in this case) he still sounds pro.

Hullad is a personal favorite of mine. I dig Silpa's vocals a lot, so the mid section where she sings i my fav part of the song.

Anil 's orchestration and control over keyboard solos is amazing in Vasantham. A nicely done song.

Azhage is a very mainstream and commerical mix.. will fit in well on any tamil movie.

Nandu, good job with the coordination, you put in a lot of effort. good work on your songs as well.

gudmusic said...

First of all, let me appreciate for the great idea and big five for the recording quality. But What I feel is lack of variety in the songs. All songs almost sound alike.

gudmusic said...

First of all, let me appreciate for the great idea and big five for the recording quality. But What I feel is lack of variety in the songs. All songs almost sound alike.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Blogswara Team. Nice to see another release!!

Wonderful to see a lot of new faces / new talents.

Blogswara is maturing with every release. BLS_3 is proof in terms of the quality.

I listened to a few songs and will write a detailed review in the coming weeks.

Way to go BLOGSWARA !!!

Kaunquest said...

Hi Everyone! Fantastic quality!!! I am yet to listen to all songs in full. I liked whatever I heard so far! Already bowled over by lal subah! The lyrics, the voice and the overall of feel of the song is just captivating!

Anonymous said...

Excellent work. Some of the songs are really awesome. My favorite song in this album is Kulirolum. Vocal, lyrics & orchestration of this song are really good. Good luck with yr future releases.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful to listen to such varied comps. I loved all the songs! My personal fav is Lal subha. Loved the drums and the overal energy it kept throught. Jay has put lot of life into it.
Hullad was another different song I liked. The live feel was unique.
Mux's song of course is very different. The melody somehow makes (or forces) you to hum unconsciously. I did.
These songs I have heard many times so I was able to comment. I will listen to other songs and write more later.

Mux said...

Nice job, everyone!
This is an excellent demonstration by the team, delivering both mainstream and unconventional music.
I personally miss Pradip's golden voice and NV's melodies that are always syced nicely with his lyrics.

Kudos everyone for raising the bar again!

Anonymous said...

Simply Great!! Keep up the good work

Kiranz..!! said...


First of all let me congratulate the administration team whos's co-ordinating the populous talents among the blogs.I think that's the toughest part to make something in realization.Congratz guys..!!

Blogswara is getting improved in every aspects.The Orchestration,mixing,sound quality, programming for the web,the presentation of the songs and its commentary are some of the unique features.
The entire team had made a commentable effort for the Album.

Congratz again for the entire team..!!

Anonymous said...

Dear all,I would like to give my honest review on BLOGSWARA 3 Version..
I have listened to all songs just three times each. I have few observations.
1) Its a Great "Effort" from all you immature "professionals" out there to come up with something spectacular.
2)Having said that I dont want you to go and sit on the 9th cloud either Coz this version 3 lacks 'variety' and there is not one song that has the Punch like "mella mella" song the second version had.
3)I have also observed that the quality of Blogswara (just the orchestration part) has tremendously improved.
4) Lal subah and Hullad songs deserve a mention....and they are my favourite picks.Others simply join the plethora of stereotype songs that are available.However the Orchestration part was very well organized.
5) Please change the selection panel - Else Blogswara will be stuck with "stereotype" songs.
6)Hindi songs are so so...BLS 2's "Hai mera dil" song was perhaps the only hindi song that had some "feel".
7)Vasantham was very neat..The BGM is beautiful.Kudos to BS Anil... the orchestration simply rocked.
8)TSJ studio..."Ragasiyum" was your last best offering in terms of Good tune and Music. Here for Blogswara 3 , your orchestration was Good enough.
9)Lyrics - No comments Because Organizers have not even bothered to explain the meaning.Although Music has no language, i guess this extra feature should be also added. What say?? Please make sure listeners do get a summary for songs in Malayalam, Tamil..Lal subah perhaps was the best.
10) I wish to see the flow of Blogswara with Variety.Why filmi music? Its private. So you must Rock..Are you guys trying to impress some Filmi producers or what?? Then why reduce the degrees of freedom that you have and come up with the same routine stuff.Or am i expecting a lil too much from you talented people. Perhaps yes.

11) Singers - You did a neat job.

I know i have been very tough in my analysis. But sometimes i feel a SWOT analysis leads to a Music revolution.

Cheers and Kudos to one and all for all your efforts.You guys are talented. You need some encouragement.But more than that i feel you need proper feedback.

Blogswara..but dont BLOCK SWARA....

Good luck.

P.S. The website design Rocks.I liked the new look.

Unknown said...

Wow..awesome stuff..keep the spirit up!!!

(btw Azhage rocks :) )

Srividya said...

Congrats guys! the compositions, the singing, the orchestration, the mixing... and the combined final outcome - just amazing :)

Anonymous said...

Splendid work!
Congratulations, BLS team!

Anonymous said...

listened to all songs patiently. Overall iit is a good attempt techinally compared to Blogswara 1 and 2 but I noticed some missing elements. My two cents
1) After the listening exercise there is no song that you want to hear again or gets into your heart
In the last version mella mella and Hai mera dil were truly melodius and haunting
2) Too much complexity in some songs snatches away the melodic content like yaaradhu even though arrangements were breath taking.
3) Mr. Anil B.S has either paid exhorbitant money to the saarangi player or has used some ready made stuff from some other track which is not a good trend.
4) Hindi lyrics and hindi pronounciation are not up to any standards and seem very southie accented like "samje" instead of "samjhe". Some words are not clear and are distorted
5) Tamil and Hindi songs are very alike and run on current tamil film music styles.
6) Kavitha Nagarajan is excellent in vocals.
7) The mallu song is very ordinary and old styled
8) Azhake song resembles harris jayaraj's songs. TSJ guys have to get over this infatuation and think on different lines for originality
9) Recording and mixing levels have gone up to high standards in leaps and bounds.

For me the best song was Phoolon mein.Oo jane jaana was almost same tune as Phoolon mein but was enjoyable.Anup's guitars were really excellent.Ben smith was terrific in lal subah.The singer is out of tune at many places though conveys the mood effectively.

Meera Manohar said...

Congratulations to all involved in the BLS-3 production!!

The quality of songs have gone way up from the previous versions and Nandu as BLS admiinistrator has done an amazing job putting it altogether..

3 cheers and big big pat on everyone's back for this wonderful effort!!

gumbals said...

Wow - can't beleive the plan actually worked! The sincerity of the teams that participated to put in their best efforts before the planned deadlines despite all sorts of unplanned hurdles is what amazed me.

The ones that submitted their songs for selection but did not make it - please work on them more and resubmit them.

I was determined to make sure that BLS-3 would not be ordinary and that a good show-case should go along with these fruits of hard-work!. After 2-3 prior unsuccessful site designs, finally some ideas started flowing 48 hours before the release and worked on it. Thanks to all that helped me get through. There may be some bugs but we'll fix em as we go.

Now for my fav:

(1)Azhage - Freshness of the vocals, kick ass melody and very tight and grand orchestration!!
(2)Romeo - Love at first sound! Tones are great, arrangement is beautiful - cannot beleive its KK's first full-length!!
(3)Lal Subah - Loved the genre! So its not just me - everyone else loved the live drums too. What do mean the guitars are not guitars? This is a guitar heavy song!
(4) Hullad - always been a fan of AudioDetours compositions. Very different yet comprehendible and likeable. Liked the bhangda style at the ending, the group singing was great. Could feel the energy!
(5) Yaaradhu - I can appreciate the hard-work. Mux's taken a bold step in trying out things differently and stepped beyond what common audience might expect.
(6) Kulirolum - I need to listen to this more. Of course I liked Jo's vocals. Was glad to see it making ppl's favs. May be that's what is nice about this mix of collections.
(7) Vasantham - Too professional. Could not find anything wrong with it. Anil - did you play those sitar/veena tone on the keyboards? Murali's emotions in singing are beautiful!!
(8) Well OJJ and Phoolon Mein are my team's songs - Ramesh your vocals are outstanding in PM, and Praveen I loved the lyrics in PM! Anup - OJJ is a fun song, but with out your guitars and the impromptu feel to the end is what helped this made the cut in my opinion! So keep up the good work.

Unknown said...

Awesome, All of you have proved it again..and again.

All the songs are excellent with a different approaches of composing and arranging.Some of em are of professional standards.

Jo's Vocals and Sreeja's lyrics in Kulirolum is outstanding and captivating.

-Dona Mayoora

Anonymous said...

Most of the hindi songs except lal Subah were on the same tamil style. TSJ your song Azhage was a copy of your last post "ragasiyum" as someone has pointed out.please get out of this ARR Haris ring. Grow up.You have the talent but you use the orchestration patterns same pan flute and violin.etc.
I really missed pradeep, swati and meera here. It's like having a good cup of coffee without sugar. They were the ones who made your earlier issues rock.Jo sure is very good again.The rest are like kids running around on bikes.murali's voice seemed suppressed and there is some continuous background noise in the vocals.
Hindi lyrics except in Lal subah are very mediocre and hindi pronounciation is awful.You need to do something on that guys.
Anyway as far as efforts are concerned, more number of songs are hearable, but none fail to stir a soul like Unai partha naal, hai mera dil and mella mella.
keep the work going, better next time.

TSJ STUDIO said...

Hi ,
We are very glad to know that BLS 3 is doing good. Thanks to everyone who listened to BLS songs and thanks so much for writing your comments and suggestions. All the songs sounds really good. We liked all the songs but we miss NV's & Pradeep's contribution in BLS 3.
Some of the listeners has pointed out that our song sounds like HJ/ARR's song. We really don't intend to sound like them. If you guys find our song similar to any particular song please do point out. We will definitely try to improve on our song style , arrangement, melody etc., We will sure try to work on your suggestions and hopefully will do better next time. :)

Thanks to all

Biju said...

Great work guys - especially the track for "Azhage Azhage". The music is really soulful. Mixing is fabulous. Please try and diversify on the percussions. Amazing talent guys - keep it up! Am listening to "Azhage Azhage" constantly :-).

Ganesh said...

Dear fellow Blogswarites :)

Wonderful job.
Nandu great effort from you have made this possible man.

Kishmu-Wonderful work on Romeo.
Its great to hear your composition after those awesome midi work of yours(good old tfmpage days).

My favourite is LaLsubah by Jayswami and Hullad by Audiodetour ,that offers totally different mood.

Congrats to everyone.

Jeevan said...

Awesome guy's:) you all have done a Lovely work!! My most fav song from the album is Romeo yen kadhal romeo wow.

Jeevan said...

Awesome guy's:) you all have done a Lovely work!! My most fav song from the album is Romeo yen kadhal romeo wow.

Priya said...

My favors'- Azhage and O Jaane Jaana.

Congrats guys and keep up the good work:))

Sowmya said...

Wonderful team work! Congrats!!

" Vasantham" is too good to hear for another time.

Gumbals and nadu made a great job in their orchestration.

Voices of Murali ramanathan, kavitha nagarajan and mux narasimhan are excellent.

Over all, the team had done a tremendous job. But the expectation is too high from the fans of blogswara. It may be a motivating factor to achieve more than this time in the future.All the best. and thanks for this treat :)

Anonymous said...

What a spectrum of talents ! My fav is Azhage !!! Beautiful singing, orchestration and mixing. Pro quality :) ! Thanks for all the comments helps us strive to get better...

Anonymous said...

Congratulations and kudos to the Blogswara team. Excellent composition. The song "Romeo" is captivating. Great Job!!

Anonymous said...

Excellent delivery on BLS3....Kudos to Nandu and team..

My favorite composition is has excellent variations. It sound similar to last time mux song 'Thoduvanam' in some areas.Vocals are pretty good from Mux and Kavitha.

The song Vasantham is too good and it has excellent vocals from murali with beautiful emotions and great orcehstration by Anil. Reading the comments say that it doesnt receive a recognition it deserves. The vocal mixing could have been a bit better.

Kulirolum is plesant and the vocals could have been 30% more perfect in certain areas. Great lyrics by Sreeja and music by Nishanth.

Lal subah is a good number and live drums sound great.

Azhage sound good with good style on the vocals.

Romeo sound differnt and its a great work.

Overall BLS3 is much much professional than the earlier version and it deserves a special mention

ann said...

In the end , the list of songs to be repeated gets narrowed down to " kulirolum " , "Vasantham" & to an extent "Romeo" .

JO created his magic again with "Kulirolum " . A guy expressing his love , more like teasing, to his beloved is penned down beautifully by Sreeja and is made into a very pleasant "dreamy" melody by JO's magical voice & Nishanth Mani's music . Liked this one a lot , could get lost listening to this , Kudos to JO-Sreeja-Nishanth.

"Vasantham" - Anil ji's music is way too captivating , loved it the moment I heard it , esply the Veena is too touchy .. As a lyricist Sreeja has done a wonderful job here , giving the feel of a nostalgic romance ( well tats how I felt ) . Murali's vocals adds rest of the beauty that the song needed . He has done very good at emoting all through the song . Murali 's "etho ... " is too good .

Mux Narasimhan 's vocals ( SPB-alike) are too good in both "Romeo" & "Yaaradhu". Romeo was a gud one over all .Ranjini's vocals added to it :) .

To mention , Anup did a wonderful wonderful job on "O jaane jaana" :) . Too Good !!

Liked Arul Veerappan's lyrics too in "Yaaradhu" & Kavita's vocals are good too !!

Initial guitars on "Hullad" were good but the rest of the song was just like any other recent hindi song :|.

Music & Orchestration of "Lal Subah" also is worth mentioning .

Wishing BLS-team 'Good Luck' in all future endeavors .

Anonymous said...

testing 123

prasad said...

"nice work..keep it up"

Anonymous said...

Very good work BLS team! But none of the songs strike a chord after one or two listens.I mean none of them really stay in your hart.In the previous version I loved Hai mera Dil and mella mella.I still remember the melody. More importance has been given to rhythm, arrangements than melodic content.In kulirolum Jo seems to be strained in voice and little imperfect at some places.But voice was very good.Murali's voice seems suppressed. Mux seems to imitate SP Bala more and is rough at times. In azgage still the vaseegara effect lingers on.Romeo is sweet and so are Phoolon mei. Hindi pronounciation needs to be much better if you want the northies to at least give an ear.I really miss out my favourite singers pradeep somasundaram and swati kanitkar in this edition.why did you guys leave them, vidyu and meera out?

jeej said...

My favourite is "kurirolumdhanumaasaraathriyil nii". Jo Thomas's voice and sreejas lyrics excellent
i dont know how many times i listen this song.......

Anonymous said...

The songs were nice to ears and the voices of the singers, especially Anusha, were good to hear. Scope for improvement :- The team has the potential to think out of box music in terms of selection of raagam and mixing few patterns. It should be mesmerising to listen and trendsetting and not just with the intention to promote an ametuer group. This ametuer group should become a wannable ones in future. Lyrics should be much more matured.

Dhiraj said...

great job guys, loved every single composition, Azhalge is my favourite so far. Great team effort. Keep them coming :-}...

Anonymous said...

Kishmu, you amaze me all the time. This composition is wonderful. I listened to a couple of other songs and was impressed. Keep up the good work folks and good luck.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful talents !!. Wondering whether we could play the songs at Tricolor Music (Online Indian Radio).
(Requires Winamp for listenting) (

Currently we are broadcasting test streams and would like your feedback.

We are also looking for RJs for all Indian languages. Please email me at


Anonymous said...

Awesome work guys... the song "Azhage Azhage" rocks... superb arrangement...

nrajesh said...

Very nice work. Kudos to the artists and the creators of this wonderful site :)

Roy Cherian Cherukarayil said...

Today I listened to "Kulirolum" to begin with. Sreeja's work is of high calibre.Nishant,Jo and Bharath have done a great job to make us feel that we can keep listening to the song again and again.

Blogswara demands great attention and publicity.

Sindhuja Bhakthavatsalam said...

So good to see BLS growing...

My thoughts on the songs:

Romeo: Good melody.
Background music could have been lesser. Gets a little jarring esp in the second half of the song.

Hullad: Peppy one. Good effort. I really liked the prelude and interludes.
Great recording and effects!

Kulirolum: Such a pleasure to hear anything in Jo's voice! Nice melody. The tune was a little conventional though.

Lal Subah: Great vocals, diction could have been better. Impressive composition. The western feel to it makes it sound very good.

Azhage: A very fulfilling experience!! Keep it up!! Loved Anusha's voice. Definitely a song
which I'd go back to, and not leave after one listening.

Phoolen mein: A nice, pleasant song. Enjoyed it.Diction could have better here too.

Vasantham: Murali has been made to sound different! Voice seems a little muffled??
As always, singing is filled with bhavam. Nice melody. But again, the tune seems to give a deja vu feeling...

Yaaradhu: What really stood out is that the two different themes in the song that have been mentioned have actually been exectued well in the song. I could really make out the singers changing their feel...

O jaane jana: Didn't make that much of an impact.
Lyrics could have definitely been better.

Overall my picks are Azhage, Lal subah and Phoolon mein...

Congratulations, BLOGSWARA! You've come a looong way!! Wish the team all the very best. Looking forward to more such great music in the versions to come.

Anonymous said...

nice concept...loved azhagae- very nicely done..could've had better lyrics (guess that applies to other songs as well)

Vidyu said...

Congratulations BLS - III !!!

Great work again! Enjoying all the songs :)

Divya.S.Menon said...

Superb guys....Great job once again!!!!!....listened to all songs just now.....Hats off to all the artists.......Congratulations BLS-3!!!!

Anonymous said...

Simply amazing!
Am in love with the romeo song.....wonderful composition....Looking forward to lots more from u!

Anonymous said...

Overall the album is pretty good. Lal Subah is by far the best composition, all the other tunes are very predictable. Loved the vocalists in Azhage but the song is pretty okay. Good effort from all the musicians.

Anonymous said...

Was nothing exceptional.No mind blowing tunes or voices...You need to judge yourselves based on the ones u compete against.There is either good music or bad music.There is no reservation for amateurs. Either you are talented or not. If u make music you should be serious if you want respect and appreciation.It cannot be demanded.
All the tunes were ordinary and very amateur tamil styled.lal subah was a feeble attempt to copy th current style in bollywood. The malayalam songs were cliched.
A quality voice can cary a song even if it's bad and u lack a quality voice this time.

Anonymous said... one term that describes this album.Not even a single song can be burnt on a CD and played more than once.. not one.
Mella song was the only song that has repeat value. Rest all Bakwaas.
Half the comments here are from Blogswarites themselves..
Looks like there is lots of politics when it comes to song selection.One can see tamil smell in all songs.
I am surprised to see a comment from Gumbals asking those whose songs have not been selected to improve and resubmit for next version.

Grow up dude..Both your songs are the worst..You are not in a position to preach others.

Orchestra is good in bits and pieces.singers were good.But the tunes were rotten and outdated.

Better luck next time

Anonymous said... one term that describes this album.Not even a single song can be burnt on a CD and played more than once.. not one.
Mella song was the only song that has repeat value. Rest all Bakwaas.
Half the comments here are from Blogswarites themselves..
Looks like there is lots of politics when it comes to song selection.One can see tamil smell in all songs.
I am surprised to see a comment from Gumbals asking those whose songs have not been selected to improve and resubmit for next version.

Grow up dude..Both your songs are the worst..You are not in a position to preach others.

Orchestra is good in bits and pieces.singers were good.But the tunes were rotten and outdated.

Better luck next time

Kamal said...

Lal Subah is a great song. Liked the guitar riffs in the bridge and the live music feel to it. The song builds up well. Mohan's vocals are also great, he nailed the song's mood.
I like to hear more live instruments in a song and also pay attention to the arrangement and Lal subah has both. BTW I also listened to the duet version that has Richa T's vocals on jayswamis blog. Great work Jayswami and Team!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Very Nice Mixes, Nice Vocals, Nice Arrangements. Keep doing the great work.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

a nice melody, very soothing to listen :) nice work , looking forward to the next release

Anonymous said...

Wow !!!

I am speechless.......SUPERB n awesome r d words that describe the song LAL SUBAH !! The mastering is also fantastic.......the chord progression is really gud. Blogswara has immense talent.

Gr8 going.......keep it up !!!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I only heard Lal Subah so far and it was really good. Keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

Wow, awesome, guys! Lal subah has a very distinct Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy + AR Rehman - ish feel...

Anonymous said...

I am going to be very negative about this release.

1) It is too professional. I think you have killed the spirit of BLS, with which it was started. I know you have to improve and all, but, I loved BLS1 and 2, because of its simplicity and imperfections. That made it different from rest of the crowd.

2) IMHO Too much "professionals" (Mux, Kishmu, Jayswami, Bharath, Anil, AudioDetour et all) even though might have lifted the album, still shouldn't be part of this creative activity.

2)Too much southie stuff

3) None of the so called judges are experts in music, meaning you are not fit to judge other artist's works. You should have presented all the songs and let the listeners decide about the ones they like.

4) I can't understand how Gumbals band song is even here, assuming they are part of the "judging" crew. Their song is the worst of the lot.

5) Songs I might listen again, Lal Subah, Azhage (a cheap imitation of Harris supplemented with Bharath's commercial mixing), Kulirodum and AudioDetour's work.

6) Missed Narayanan Venkitu and Pradip

7) Other BLS'ites should stop commenting (ass kissing). If I discard those feedback, all I have is just one or two subjective feedback!

Better luck with the next one

Sreejith K. said...

Best Ever. Too good. The quality is so excellent that this can compete with commersially done music.

Good job folks. Congrats!

Sanjeev Sharma said...

Keep up the good work !!

Sanjeev Sharma said...

Waiting for Blogswara 4 !!

Anonymous said...

Nice...disagree with some of the comments about amateur/professional wise and production wise..better than last two...

Unknown said...

Today I listened to "Kulirolum" to begin with. Sreeja's work is of high was a great job to make us feel that we can keep listening to the song again and again.A very fulfilling experience!!jo's voice is superb

Unknown said...

about "vasantham"-good melody;a nice work , giving the feel of a nostalgic romance

kamini said...

Good effort overall, lyrics can be worked on more on all songs .

Romeo :

Like the overall sound and feel of the song. Interludes sound cool and also like strings layering the vocals in antaaras.. like the way the song ends-- nice harmony . Having said all this, I think melody could have been little more unpredictable. it sounds like any other romantic song that we hear these days.

Female vocals sound a bit too inspired by the singer Chitra and male by SPB specially in lines : Kaeladi yingu kaelvigal yaenadi (listen to that "yaenadi" for SPB touch) Kan yimaigalil ethazh padhiththu


Good happy song -- sung with a lot of "josh" like how music builds up slowly involving more instrument sounds... Both male and female singer have put in lots of energy.. But I don't really get lyrics -- I feel it is less coherent at many places-- doesn’t seem to have a flow.. even the starting lines : yeh hullad duniya yaad rakhe woh mast dhamaal karein-- banke deewana dariya hum saagar mai kho jayeen !!
Line one talks about Dhamaal then y in second line "saagar mai kho jayein "?

Nice composition, very cool vocal.
Sounds quite professional and very soothing... saxophone just before the first antara stops abruptly-- I think it would have been even better if it faded off and merged with vocals... In antaraas I almost want to hear some string harmony in the background-- well it is there at some places -- but could have been little more ronounced..

But again very good voice-- and nice song !

Lal Subah:

Nice Lyrics-- love guitar and drums. Singer has put in lot of soul into the song but at places could have been more in pitch ...
although the feelings make up for this . Singer can work more on diction. Music supports and adds to the feel of "frustration" "loneliness’"
Having said this I almost start singing " Pal yeh hai pyar ke pal " K.K's song after the
prelude. But a good mix.


Good mix-- Both singers have sung well-- love harmony at "neera...." looks like lots of effort has went into this song-- sounds very much inspired by Harris Jayaraj. With the same amount of effort, something more original would have sounded better.

Phoolon main:

I could not get "yai yah " I think there is too much of it ...singer can work on pitch-- "aankhein" could have more "kh" I like how rhythms go to tabla in antaraas ( patthar ke ), but then apart from that nothing more I like -- to be honest..


Cool sarangi and sitar but I feel
they are just there on their own --don't feel like go with the song --I don't know why they are yhere .Singer has sung well, has put in soul but... Melody sounds very clichéd-- nothing which would surprise listener.. very predictable..

Sarangi completely disappears after the prelude- Sitar is used in interludes at least..


Singers I don't feel have put 100 % energy.. Energy and feel fall at many places.. at some places they are good -- at some ,not good at all... Melody lacks flow-- I don't understand lyrics( well-- understand 5%) and I cannot say what this songs wants to convey -- leaves me with a mixed feeling... both singers can work on pitch.

O Jaane Jaana:

I don't know if I can really call it "lyrics" but those words sound very amateurish-- sounds like somebody is talking and that too not very coherently. Nothing in terms of melody-- music- mix. Singers - composers- lyricist can all work on every aspect of "MUSIC" Only thing I like is the guitar piece but again I don’t know how it goes with the song .

I would like to hear more variety- more original melodies.

Unknown said...

Lal Subah rocks! Beautiful soulful music complemeted by excellent voice and lyrics. Great job guys, very professional. Looking forward for blogswara 4 from you all.

Anonymous said...

Non of the songs are good in lyrics esp hindi songs are all crap.No originality in tunes.And what is this about some facts flowing in when hearing songs.very very amateur and childish idea.No one wants to know what all rubbish you did for creating songs.Too much man.These things are common in any song creation and u make it like you made a "gandhi" for an oscar.Remove those flash facts.they are unbearable for the common listner.what matters is quality and originality.U lack originality in all songs.None of the songs make us take a second look.I blogswara 2 u had hai mera dil and mella mella which were excellent in all you just followed some yuppy trend.are you all small kids...come can do better next time.

Anonymous said...

To Arun Madhavan - > Get a life !

Anonymous said...

I find the tunes and the lyrics are pretty good. The singers have also done a fairly good job. keep it up Blogswara. Waiting for your 4th version

Anonymous said...

reecha tripathi was awsome on sa re ga ma pa! hope she wins it!

Unknown said...

It's great going through blogswara music.. I just wonder how music has united all. Good luck to all the contributors. The voices are so sweet and melodious. Keep up the good work.

Unknown said...

blogswara songs are awesome, Congratz Blogswara team.
a small request, pls change the back ground colour of website.(brown to dark grey)

visual designer.

mousumi said...

cudos to bs3.i just listened to 'vasantham" is vry vry soothing.da singer sings too gd.(though i dont undrstand da meaning).i like da music arrangement n orchestration vry mch.i think t s helping da singer fully(so far my little knowledge f singing says).i m still humming da tune.keep t up frienz.[:)]

Jessica Keyes said...

Dear Blogswara contributors,

I'm really excited about the Blogswara projects! I'm writing my MA thesis on Music Sharing and Community building in the South Asian community on the Internet, and your site was a major contributor to my choice of subject.

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Komail Noori said...

Nice work.

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Siyaah said...

Great effort overall! Enjoyed 'Lal Subah' a lot in V3. Keep on the good work.

ദീപു കെ നായര്‍ said...

കുളിരോലും ധനുമാസരാത്രിയില്‍ നീ,
അലസമായ്‌ ആതിരപ്പാട്ടു കേള്‍ക്കെ(2)
അറിയാതെയെന്‍ മിഴി നിന്നെ തലോടുമ്പോള്‍
പൂങ്കവിള്‍ മെല്ലെ തുടുത്തുവെന്നോ? നിന്‍,
പൂങ്കവിള്‍ മെല്ലെ തുടുത്തുവെന്നോ?

നല്ല രചനയും സംഗീതവും. ആലാപനവും മോശമല്ല. ഇപ്പോള്‍ മാത്രമാണു ബ്ലോഗ്‌ സ്വരയെപ്പറ്റി അറിയാന്‍ കഴിഞ്ഞത്‌. അഭിനന്ദനങ്ങള്‍...

ബൈജു (Baiju) said...
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matt said...


D said...

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vj said...

divya's vocal was pleasing and soothening...
bit confusing lyrics though but good work in all..
goog luck BLS

Prabhu Ananthanarayanan said...

Hats off to all blogswara group people.All the music has come out really very well.To be Frank it was really frank the music and voice were soothing.For me ,the best was azhage azhage..very well mixing and recording and superbl sung..

great going..good luck for the future



murukan thekkathil said...

it is really great..!! u gave some nostalgic feelings which inspires something which lost years but nearing a little more and more..

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

Incredible work once again guys..

Keep it up...

Anonymous said...

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