Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Blogswara on Manorama News

Manorama News, a major Malayalam news channel in Kerala, will be telecasting an interview with some of the Blogswara artist on the following dates and time. Do catch us there!

August 24, Monday, 2:30 PM
August 25, Tuesday, 5 AM & 9:30 AM


Devi Jo said...

Hi Joseph, Congratulations !! I could watch your program in MM news channel today and came to know about this initiative.

I have an interest of making alternate hindi lyrics for songs . I write but dont have a team for a combined effort to make an album . you can view some of them in my blog site,

Do let me know if I could be of help for some.

cheers!Keep the good work.

Devi Jo

Jo said...

Hi Devi, I will forward the link to your blog to people who have participated in Blogswara and if anyone is willing, they will contact you through your blog. Thanks.