Monday, March 01, 2010

Blogswara V6 - Your comments please!

Hello there, so we have just released our 6th online album and would love to have your feedback as usual. Do listen to the songs, and please put in your feedback in the comments section here. Don't forget to mention the song name and team when you put your remarks. We appreciate your feedback!

Our special thanks to Jyothis E for his continued support in providing the space to host the songs and to Pradip Somasundaran for all the technical help extended. Thank you folks!


Aakarsh said...

I have listened to all Blogswara albums before. And in all those albums, i have some favourites and some good listen songs. But this new release is a stunner. Each and every song is such a scintillating composition that they can compete with any of the film songs by few of the good composers we have around today. This album is just a testimony of the fact that there are lot of talented people out there who deserve to be heard and appreciated. Kudos to every artist associated with this new release. All the compositions and renditions and arrangements are splendid. I wish blogswara continues to roll out more magnificient albums like these and more importantly, recieve more applause from the people. These albums deserve wider audience.

I cant pick my favourite since all songs are good.Brilliant Album. Period.

On a musical note said...

I listened to all the songs and I see phenomenal effort and talent behind it. Some songs did make an impact, and in my mind number one spot was stolen by ‘urukumen’. Beautiful composition by Krishna Raaj, heartfelt singing by Pradip , there was so much feeling in the song, I did not understand a single word but just listening to the song was enough to shed tears.
We all use wonderful instruments and technology. We can have the best recording gear, we can use varied softwares to correct pitch and give different effects, but there is no software or hardware to put feelings in the song. There is no machine that can create that X-factor in the composition. That is alone left to the imagination of the composer and ability to convey that of the singer. Mixing and mastering is icing on the cake. So, my highest points to ‘Urukumen’ team. Congratulations!!!
I enjoyed ‘Makara nilaavin’ very much as well. Murali and Divya have done stupendous job. Lovely voices and beautiful rendition of an attractive composition.

Thank you Jo and the team of Blogswara for giving such a platform to display our creations.

Swati Kanitkar

Sushanth Shankar said...

Absolutely magnificent! I am left speechless! Lovely lovely lovely rendition by Pradipettan as always! What a feel!!!!!!!!

Krishna! What can I say? Lovely music! Absolutely lovely!! Simple, beautiful, melodious, touching! Really very good work on this one!

Rizon sir! Majestic playing of the flute! Gave the life to the song I should say! Simply superb!

Dear bro Rahul... Such soulful lyrics written by you! Really touching! I have no words to express my happiness over this!

Splendid team effort! Looking forward to more such lovely songs!

Warm regards,

Dr.Priya said...

Rahul thanks and appreciate your touching lyrics on 'urukumen’'. Felt u just spoke my heart very well. Each and every work of yours stands apart from the whole lot and sincerely pray that you do get proper recognition. Do keep writing and let us hear good music with our loved singers.

Am choosy when it comes to Original compositions. Truly, a good voice alone can never make an impact on the heart of the listener.
Rahul am grateful to you for having selected the right person who could do justice to the theme of the song.
About the Orchestra – Loved the flute very much. Thanks Rizon for giving us this wonderful melody. Thanks for your time.
Piano tune is awesome thanks a lot Krishna Raj for giving us wonderful music. It is musicians like you who keep our days going God bless u always.
Pradip am not technically qualified to say anything except with my limited knowledge say that the music is so soothing, romantic, and appropriate to the theme. Your music creates the mood for the listener, simple yet powerful to touch our souls, that we get involved and start missing the person whom we love.
What do I got to say about your singing? Nothing but tears flood my eyes and that says it all. U live in my heart and your voice and singing gives me the love, peace and joy that I look for. U r always special to me and will remain so forever.
Am too lucky to have met you all over the net and my sincere thanks to one and all and best wishes and loots of luck and love.

Rahul Beautiful lyrics on ‘Makara nilaavin’. Falling short of words to praise you dear. Just closing my eyes and listening to the song. Again Murali Ramanathan has such a deep voice and most appropriate for the song.
Murali u r one of my favorite singers whose songs I love. Too lucky to hear u today. U r a natural singer BORN FOR MUSIC  Glad to know that you are into composing too. This is what is called singing.
Madhuram madhuram nin namam – Eniyum eniyum un paadal oru priya geetam.
Divya Such a cute voice and compensated Murali’s very well. Both of you did justice to the theme and loved it immensely.
You are crafted for Music by the Almighty.
Looking forward for more musical treats and my love and lots of luck to the whole team for such wonderful music.

@Blogsara -V6 musicians have not listened to your other songs will do so shortly and leave my feedback.

Sindhuja Bhakthavatsalam said...

Congrats to all and particularly to Jo once again for having successfully rolled out the 6th version of Blogswara. Great job!

I thought Chand stole the show in this version. "Grandiose" is the word. Swati ji was beautiful as always and Ali ji's composition as well as rendition were admirable. Loved it!

I liked Krishna Raaj's and Murali's compositions too- very melodious but I didn't find them very unique. Enjoyed Pradipji's, Murali's and Divya's rendition.

Ramya said...

Congrats Jo!

Heard a couple of songs!

Loved Chand nikal, beautiful voices, composition, orchestration evrythin.. Rajesh Raman's tune was gud too. Liked subha's voice vry much in Vizhiyoram kaneer, hearing her first time, thought it was Meera first.

more comments ll follow after i listen to others.

Dr.Priya said...

Swathi my dear … This is MUSIC which I have never heard in my life time.
The minute heard these words “kitna accha lagte ho’ knew it was u my dear. Proud to call U as the best HINDI singer with sweet melodious voice and brilliant expressions.
I respect Pervez for the excellent voice and wonderful singing. Many thanks for having met people of your caliber and am lucky to get your songs downloaded.

Kannukkunava (Tamil)

Meera my dear – U r another heart throb, a versatile singer with a silky voice making many hearts dance to your tunes. Am not eligible to comment on the lyrics. Let many avenues open up in your musical journey. Lots of luck dear and love from my side. Loved your duet performance.

Nithin said...

monae praveen,
super daaaaaaaaa kidilan

Narayanan Venkitu said...

First - Congratulations BLOGSWARA team for keeping the 'FLAME' alive and well. It's heartening to see more more languages!

I am hopeful that one day, BLOGSWARA will have a song from every Indian Language !!


Took a while for me to listen to all the songs. Fantastic job all of you, BLS-6 shines in several aspects. Quality music !! Every song shines in one way or the other ! Congratulations to all the artists!

My favorites

1) Makara Nilavin - Fantastic orchestration. Very lively, nice use of instruments. Murali and Divya Rock !! Murali's voice has matured so much and is so crisp. Divya's voice as always is sweet. I loved her laugh towards the end of the song. Fantastic Job 'Benoy Joseph' amazing talent. Rahul Soman - I don't know Malayalam, I wish !!

2) Monsoon - Rajesh - Your voice is mesmerizing !! Very fresh and crisp. I don't know Hindi, but I was touched by the orchestration and the singing style. Brought a tear or two in my eyes.

June - Monsoon - Brings memories of the West Coast of India!! Ajay - Well done.

Wish - I feel the song could have more sounds of Monsoons,rains, drizzle, thunder, rain !! all the way...Why only in the end?

3) Urukumen - Pradip - No need to write about him. In my opinion, if someone has to say who is the best singer in this album IMHO it will be 'Pradip'. Wonderful.
Krishna Raj - Very nicely done. ARR can learn a few things from you, in keeping a powerful song..simple and melodious !! Rahu - again - Sorry..I wish I knew Malayalam !!

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Murali Ramanathan - Wonderful composition...!! Sorry I forgot to mention it earlier !!

PKP said...

I listened to the songs of Blogswara for the first time today.
Refreshing and soothing, the music opens up a window to the world of swaras!
My hearty congrats to the artists,composers,writers and all the fresh young talent! Keep up the good work!

Ramya said...

Praveen's song sung by Divya n Bose is very good. Lovely voices!

Makara nilavin sounded vry professional! Nice arrangement!

Radha said...

Ajay, it is superb ... nostalgic, brought a lot of memories of june monsoons... from which we are away for decades... so listened, and listened again and again....
Thanks to ur mom who sent the link

Vinod Kooveri said...

orupadu pratheekshakalodeyanu pattukal kelkkan thudangiyathe...sory...Urukunna manassum thoovalum thammil enthanu bandham ennu manassilayilla. Cherchayillatha upama. Mosham Lyrics. nalla pattukal kelkkoo..kavithakal vayikkoo..vakkukal cherthu vechal kavithayavilla...arthamariyathe pattu kettu pukazhthunnavarude commentukalil pettu vazhi thetti pokalle...snehasamsakalode....

Anonymous said...

Vinod ji. Asamsakal kollam. Onnu manassilakkanam. Meghavum, pravumokke nammude pazhaya mahanmar manassile karyam parayan upayogichittulla karyam thankale poole ulla "Bhoolokathu" jeevikkunna mahanmar vayichu kaanilla alle? pinne oru thooval parakkunnathu kandu ingane onnum thonnam paadilla ennnu parayunnathu verum dushadhyam alle? kashtam aanu. Ee paattezhuthiya cheruppakkaran enthayalum thankalude "bhooloka" thulla aalallathathu bhagyam!
"hai innu divasathinenthu sugandham" ennu veruthe pani illatha bhoolokathulla chilla pennungal ezhuthumbol. ho! enthoru kavitha! ennu thudangi 100 comment thikaykkunna chila viruthanmar undallo ningalude clubil. allenkil vinode, mone, ee oru ganam mathramallalo ivide ullathu? mon karuthi kootti ithu ezuthiya aale mathram unnam vachulla purappadinane ennu arkkum manassilavum. vere gaanangale kuricho sangeethathine kurachu enthe nishabdatha?

Anonymous said...

Listened to Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi songs.
My favourite song is Makara nilavin by Divya Menon and Murali R for their melodious and sweet voices and excellent music. They both have excelled even experienced singers.
Rahul liked this composition of yours than 'Urugumen'& singing for Urukumen did not look natural.
Pradip's voice suits better only for Classical Malayalam songs alone.

Second place goes to Meera Manohar and Nandagopal for their beautiful lyrics and singing the Tamil song.

Swathi and Ali sang very well, great depth in Ali's voice and perfect singing by both made it an enjoyable duet.
Did not hear the rest of the songs as i cannot understand Telugu or Kannada.

Gautam said...

First listening to Chand -This is truly a Very Refreshing tune....Great job done by Ali and Swati. However, the LO ...AB AA RAHE HAIN JANAAB...could have been a lil more clearer recording wise....Also i could see a lil rush in saying those lines..However overall beautiful.
Ali's voice is tremendously beautiful. I just loved it.

...i will be a repeat listener to this song.

kitna acha lagthaa hain.... jab main ye gaana sunthaa hoo....

Gautam said...

Tu Hai - Appealing for a listener..
Good use of synchronized female voice.Ok tune.
Overall Good.

Gautam said...

Monsoon - Rajesh raman has a big time tamil accent.Good voice though.

Gautam said...

After a repeated listening - The best song of this edition of Blogswara is undoubtedly - CHAND by Ali and Swathi.This is ...becoming poisonous.I cannot stop appreciating Both Ali and Swathi for their performances.
Tune and orchestration go well..
backdrop use of swathi's voice is excellent when she complaints...

seriously KITNA acha laghthaa hain....bahuth hee Zordaar gaana hain Janaab..

salaam pesh karthaa hoo..

aap dono ke naam pey ek aur jaam hee sahee..


p.s. I have been listening to this song almost the 12th time in a row...and to go to work tomm early morning....but who cares

Anonymous said...

was going through some comments and also the songs of Blogswara 6. I personally feel that the best songs undoubtedly are Chand and Urukumen as both of them feel so professional. The others especially the telugu ones are way behind. I also disagree to the comment that urukumen was not natural. In fact I believe this was raised to a heavenly level just by the soulful singing of pradip. Think anonymous does not know anything about pradip. Request him to see pradipji,s blog for all those wonderful renditions. In makaranilavil, Divya was extremely beautiful. Murali's voice lacked normal depth and was struggling for breath at many places. It was very enjoyable though. Beautiful composition.

Suja K Varma

vjseelan said...

Your Music is Divine.
Listen to all the Tracks.
Excellent ..... and Love it .....

DrPriyaRajan said...

Loved the lyrics, too rhyming bringing the beauty of the
Telugu language. Srinivas is gifted with a graceful voice quality, beautiful care free singing, perfect diction.

Yentha chakkagha teeyani telugu kavithvam chesaru!!
Dhaniki madhuramaina sruthi cherchi amrutha dharaluga praveesin chinaru!!

Orchestra ... Appreciate it much, awesome guitarist, in accordance
to the theme.

Praveen, Srinivas, Satish and Phanidra U people did achieve
your target, proud of you all guys!
Work with for another album as a team again. Sorry to say - few may be the listeners to your songs, 'cause people like hearing only to
filmi music and just follow blindly a group of followers.
Since am very familiar with all the South Indian languages look for proper theme, lyrics, Orchestra and singing, would rate u all as the best Telugu group.Good Luck!
Blogswara - 6 Vl be listening to other songs too:)

jish said...

simply great..thnks for ..d special.treat...

vjseelan said...

Love it.
What a talent.

Vineeth said...

Parts of Yezhundu vada sound like I hate you from the Telugu movie Happy

Justin James said...

I came to know about blogswara thru Facebook. I listed to the songs posted in 6th version. Its a great opportunity for the upcoming musicians. All songs have great quality. I like the Monsoon song

Achu said...

gud work praveen chetayi ..keep it up