Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Jazzie Gift receives BlogSwara copy

[Anil BS presenting a copy of BlogSwara Version 2 CD to music director Jazzie Gift]

I met Jazzie Gift, the music director who made waves across Kerala and especially amongst the youngsters of Kerala with one hit song Lajjaavathiye from the movie 4 The People. I was totally amazed to see this man in person because, believe me, he is a very nice and down-to-earth person. I went to meet him with Anil chettan, who introduced me to him. I explained the concept of BlogSwara to Jazzie and he was very much interested in the concept and he put the CD of BlogSwara into his laptop straight away. He asked about how it is done and listened to a few songs from the album. He was excited to hear that most us did not meet with each other and he mentioned the same to his manager. He discussed about the orchestration etc with Anil chettan. He said he would listen to all the songs once again.

Jazzie and his manager mentioned that we should popularise BlogSwara through media so that it reaches to more people. Also he was so kind to say that he will mention about BlogSwara to one of his associates who are into promoting music etc and will see what they can do for us. I requested him to look into the BlogSwara talent pool whenever he need to find fresh new voices and he said he would do that.

I also mentioned about M-Pod, and expressed my interest in doing an episode with him and he said he will definitely find time for that. He is a person who is very much interested in the new things and new media technologies. No wonder how he has been a hot favorite amongst the youth, considering his youthfulness and enthusiasm towards everything new and good.

Jazzie was in the East Cost studio for recording his Kannada work and was kind enough to spare sometime for us. Listen to his latest Tamil song from the movie Veyil with Khailesh Kher set to tune by G. V. Prakash which has been released just a few days ago.

[Jazzie listening to the songs from BlogSwara Version 2]


Kiranz..!! said...

Wow..this is really a great news..! Jazzy had already proved how the youth music should be,and its a good news to blogswara team for getting reffered by him.Keep rockin..guyz..!

Ajay said...

Great Work, Its simply awesome WoW !!! I have taken the liberty to post abt Blogswara in my Blog and the link to the post is