Friday, November 10, 2006

Mella Mella - My thoughts

It was March-2006 and I was listening to the tamil song 'Chennai Senthamizh' in repeat mode. That song gave me the inspiration to write/compose 'Mella Mella'.

Please don't laugh at me, I didn't even know the raaga of that song and I was ashamed to ask some of my friends. Finally my sister-in-law told me it was Raaga 'Naattai'. Wow what a raaga, I thought. I did some research and found that there were quite a few movie songs in that raaga.

This song is more closer to my heart than all my other songs for one reason. My mother appreciated it the very first time she listened to it.

Anyways, as usual, I sent it to JO and he liked it as well.

I was waiting for the orchestration and the final version. When I received the draft I was overwhelmed with joy. Anil the Magician had done a superb job along with the sweet voices of Jo and Vidyu who had sung it so nicely.

As you listen to this original version that I sent JO, you'll know how much of work has gone into the final version.


Barani said...

Mella Mella was just awesome!! Nice composition, wonderful orchestration by Anil and Jo has weaved magic into it with his melifluous voice. Keep them coming.

Jo said...

Its a beutiful song and I loved it from the very first time I heard and I really wanted to sing it. :-)

Thank you for the golden opportunity to sing this one.

Adiya said...


first Kudos to the blogswara team. its a love at first sight kind of feelings.. i am daily munching mella mella and ennatch song..

i am very glad to share my feelings to the founders of it.


Jo said...

Thank you Adiya. We appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

heard Pradeep and swathi a hindi duet , awesome .. loved it

krishnakumar said...

Hi NV:
As you know I love this song. It doesn't matter which raaga it is, it is the music that counts. As one of legends said "rules are my slaves". So...keep composing.

Dawn....सेहर said...

Hey this one is awesome! Am here for more to listen...;)
keep doing the right thing

Kallara Gopan said...

Nalla irukke Narayan g nantri.
Kallara Gopan.

Karthik said...

chennai senthamizh...if you are talking about the song in son of mahalakshmi...its actually maha ganapathim...hope i am not wrong..

Anonymous said...

just nice. it was different. but i think u can do better?